To further it’s mission of the culmination of intellectual activity and practical experience required in many professions, IPRI-Africa hosts lawyers, judges, finance officers, bankers and other interested stakeholders engaged in the public and private sectors in the most relevant and cutting edge seminars. We offer pan-Africans quality CLE courses, trainings and conferences to professionals in their entry, mid-career or advanced levels.


Selectee: World Quality Commitment in the Gold Category at the International BID Quality Convention in Paris France 2017.


IPRI-Africa tailors courses according to your individual goals. Our unique courses are taught by renowned faculty, built with an experienced team and yet affordable. Our experts will train you become an expert in your field. Come lets show you how to climb the corporate ladder and seek the promotion you have always desired.

Exceptional Attendees:

Our seminar attendees hail from different career backgrounds. Attending our courses will grant you the ultimate opportunity of meeting with a pool of both distinguished and established people. From CEOs to academia as well as like minded people. At IPRI-Africa, connections are made-both personally and professionally.

Our Alumni include Judges, lawyers, scientists, lecturers, entrepreneurs, business people and so many more. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in training for change. Our quest is to change Africa! We thrive to attain that by providing courses that will change you and the world you live in! 

Did  you know that people who continously pursue trainings stand a higher chance of being promoted than their counterparts who do not train? Come lets show you how to climb the corporate ladder!

Our History

We have existed since 2010 as the first institution in Africa to offer IP training and other cut-edging seminars. We have had the pleasure of training professionals from major multi-corporations, law firms, academic institutions. They hail from North and South America, Africa and Asia. We hope you can be part of us. We are trusted by many to deliver what we promise!