Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

Why Attend?

The fact is that protecting intellectual property is extremely important to most businesses. In fact, this growth in intellectual property related legal work has been so profound that courts are often at a loss as to how to deal with many of the issues. It is more imperative more than ever, to seek a career change in IP. Engineers, lawyers, scientists, researchers and artists are all in need of understanding and benefiting from this practice. In fact, one can scarcely pick up a newspaper these days without reading an article about intellectual property disputes. IP law is involved in every major decision in the world. Today, it is fundamental to the success of our economy.

Attendees: Advocates, Judiciary, Legislature, Government Officials, IP Registrars and IP Professionals, Scientists and Agriculturalists.

Qualifications: Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field or working in an IP setting.


Uganda National Council for Science & Technology

Uganda Registration Services Bureau

African Rural University, Uganda


IP & Patent Prosecution, Inventions & Research, Setting Case Precedent, Traditional and Cultural Settings, Software Agreements, Agriculture, Zoology & Botany,  International Procedures, Copyrights, Trademarks, Litigation, IP law & Policy, IP Management.

Institutions we have trained in the past:

1. Post Bank Uganda

2. Ministry of Works Lesotho

2. East African Community

3. Uganda National Council for Science & Technology

4. Uganda Rural Development

5. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

6. Various Law Firms

7. Malawi Telecommunications

8. Mexico Judiciary

9. Open Research & Consultancy Bureau, Tanzania

10. Mandela Institute of Science & Technology

and so many more ............

Meet distinguished faculty and renowned speakers such as;

1. Professor Aman Gebru - IP Professor, University of Toronto

    read bio...

2. Professor Isaac Newton Rutenberg - IP Professor with USPTO

    experience read bio...

3.Uganda Registrations Service Bureau - IP Department

4. Dr. M. Mwalimu - CEO African Rural University, Uganda.

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And experienced government officials and litigators..