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What is the mode of payment?

- PayPal 

- Mobile Money (0773-283-984/ 0752-485838)

- Cash

All are available for download in minutes

What is the best way to reach you?

WhatsApp: + 1 617-3198970

Call: 0773-283-984

Email: ipriafrica@gmail.com 

Are the books downloadable online or in print?

500+  - Online

MUK Pre-entry - online

LDC Pre-entry - In Aristoc


Are the books suitable for law school in university or LDC?

500+  - (LL. B students 1st - 4th year)

           - LDC Oral prep (For LDC students)

MUK Pre-entry - For S.6 & Mature Entrants or  repeat takers