Become a RICS Accredited Mediator

Become an RICS International Accredited ACRE Mediator 

Who should attend?

Senior members of the construction industry; land surveyors; valuers; quantity surveyors; rental specialists; senior land and property administrators and managers; senior estate agents; architects; engineers; rural development specialists; planning officers; dispute avoidance board members and chairmen; members of utility companies or regulators; members of government departments and local authorities involved in the administration of land and property matters; and legal practitioners, both attorneys and advocates, who specialise in  these areas.

Programme outlook:
Two elements are central to RICS ACRE mediation:   RICS ACRE mediators are trained and accredited to internationally recognized standards - providing expert dispute resolution in the built environment and other related sectors.
RICS ACRE mediators are highly experienced and skilled professionals in their sector - providing dispute resolution to a demanding industry
• The object of RICS ACRE mediation is for the parties to either reach a settlement, or at least emerge with a clear understanding of what faces them in court or at arbitration. This often allows for a significant narrowing of the issues in dispute.  • The associated savings in court/arbitration costs usually more than cover the cost of the mediation.  • RICS ACRE mediators are wholly impartial and assist parties to resolve their problems amicably, and without the need for courts or arbitration. RICS mediators encourage frank and constructive communications and help people find common ground. This is a proven, cost-effective way of resolving conflicts.


 What is involved in the RICS Accredited Mediator Training Programme?
The face-to-face component of the training programme is five full days and is delivered in two sections:

• Module 1 consists of a three-day Introduction to Mediation and Mediation Advocacy.  This module provides a detailed introductory programme which can exist as a stand-alone course for those interested in entering the growing market for qualified mediation representatives.  
• Module 2 is for those seeking accreditation as an RICS Accredited ACRE Mediator.  This intensive two-day programme builds on the introductory course to develop real-world professional skills as a mediator.  This comprehensive module is intensely practical with coaching and extensive feedback both instructor- and peer-led.  
o The programme also includes extensive pre-reading; after-hours study during the course, and a practical written assessment submitted after the course. 
• Understand the differences between mediation, arbitration, and litigation 
• Understand the process of mediation and ability to explain. 
• Affirm the advantages of mediation compared to other forms of dispute
• Refer to the ethics, conflict of interest and guidance notes for a mediator. 
• Master the skill of effective listening and responding, questioning and gathering
information, and note-taking
• Manage and understand when and how to use caucusing in a mediation. 
• Sharpen skills to work with difficulties in a mediation, such as if a party walks out,
if a party is overly emotional, if a party is inflexible, etc. 
• Understand the role of attorneys in the mediation process.
Why do the RICS course 


• Successful candidates are awarded RICS Accredited ACRE Mediation Certificate

• The course carries CPD hours with various councils or institutions/associations 

• This accreditation is recognized by the major mediator provider panels 

• The course is also accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council of South Africa (DiSAC)